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Here’s the pretty historic market town of Faringdon, Oxfordshire, England.

The town is perched on a golden limestone ridge between two river valleys – the Ock and the Thames and its distinctive regional Cotswolds stone is evident in buildings around the town. Looks lovely right?

The town is also mentioned in the Domesday Book and has
a weekly market dating back to 1218. Fascinating stuff and perfect if you need a place to sell your wares.

What about if you are a tech company looking to hire Software Developers?

Let us tell you the tale of the two Software Developer roles and this idyllic town…

Many years ago, we can’t remember the year exactly, but it’s safe to say the Anglo-Saxons had left town, we found ourselves in an unbelievable position of having two clients both in Faringdon and both with Software Developer roles to fill.

It took just 2 weeks for Company A to fill their role and almost 3 months for Company B to fill theirs (and not through a lack of trying via multiple channels).

“How come?”, we hear you ask.

Company A offered : 3/4 remote days per week
Company B offered : Zero.

We had witnessed the power of remote flexibility and the foundations of Remoteably were born.

Over the years we’ve evangelised about the power of remote flexibility (we think the sweet spot is Part-Remote btw) and how it can help unlock more talent and significantly reduce time to hire. We’ve successfully rolled out this methodology time and time again in the past decade to help clients win the best talent. 

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